How to Create a Juicy Free Gift
that will
Build Your List
by Hundreds or Even Thousands of
Potential Ideal Clients

Easily, Quickly and Authentically!

Join us for this content-packed training series and even
participate in our upcoming Joint Venture Giveaway
SPECIFICALLY for Spiritual Entrepreneurs!


Dear Divine Spiritual Entrepreneur:

  • Have you been trying to figure out how to build your list, but you aren’t really sure how to go about it so that you get great results?
  • Are you struggling with creating a free gift offer to get your Divine potential clients to sign up for your list?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the technical steps it takes to create and build a list?
  • Have you ever passed on an opportunity to participate in a giveaway (one of the BEST WAYS to build your list) because you didn’t know what to do or even where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we’re so glad you’re here!

You’re about to discover the easiest, most effective, most reliable way to build your list authentically and quickly, by simply sharing your Divine gifts freely with the world.

Best of all, you’ll also get the opportunity to grow your own list (by the hundreds!) and participate in a joint venture giveaway JUST for spiritual entrepreneurs (Coming January 2015)!



A note from Sherry Bowers
Connected Spirit


“The first time I participated in a joint venture giveaway, I grew my list from zero to 950 people in a niche that I was passionate about but hadn’t begun to market to yet.

I was invited to a giveaway, said YES and stayed up all night, creating a free offer to share.

Within 3 weeks, I had a list of almost 1,000 people who were interested in learning more about my work!”


A note from Rev. Anne Presuel
Divinely Intuitive™ Business


A few years ago, I was so frustrated about how long it was taking to build my list. I didn’t know anything about JV giveaways, but I decided to give it a try.

And am I ever glad I did!

I added over 450 new people to my list within 3 weeks!

I’ve done several since then (it’s easy once you know how to do it!) and my list is now in the thousands!

Every single time I’ve participated in a giveaway my list has expanded by the hundreds (and even over a thousand one time!)

It works every time!



Did you know that joint venture (JV) giveaways are one of the quickest and easiest ways to build your list?

When you participate in a JV giveaway, you can grow your list by tens, hundreds or even thousands of subscribers at a time. Within weeks not years!

This means more connections, more clients,
more money and more opportunities
for you in your business.


Participating will transform your business, and your life.

Participating will help you make the difference to others you came to make.


Think about it.


How many times have you downloaded a free eBook or audio meditation, and it has shifted your perspective on something?


How many times have you signed up for a gift from someone and it transformed the way you do things in your business?

A small gift can make
a HUGE difference.


When your potential client gets a sense of who you are and what you offer, then it is far more likely that they will invest further in themselves with your services and products … if you have given them something of value that helps them.

We’ve seen tremendous success from list building through joint venture giveaways. We have several under our belt and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Wouldn’t you like to learn
how to create your very own list building tool
- your “free taste,” your “irresistible free offer” -
to jump start your business with a fabulous list of
your ideal potential clients?

Just take that in for a moment.

What would that do for your business?

How would that change your life and the lives of your “Divine peeps” - the people in your target market who need your help?


  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do, step by step, to create a free offer that your potential clients can’t resist. You could then repeat this process over and over, anytime you need new clients!
  • Imagine participating in a joint venture giveaway uniquely and specifically targeted to spiritual entrepreneurs just like you. No more wasting time, money and effort marketing to people who don’t “get” you.
  • Imagine creating more connection and community in building your business, so that you can easily offer your programs and services to people who know, like, and trust you?


Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway



A  7-module  training series to help you build your list quickly and easily!


You’ll learn exactly how to create a free gift offering to build your list (even if you’re starting from scratch) or how to use what you’ve already created to add more Divine peeps to your list.


We’ll personally walk you through each step of our “Divine Gift Giving System” so you learn how to build your list (including those pesky technical pieces of it), plus teach you how to avoid the biggest mistakes nearly all Spiritual Entrepreneurs make when creating a free offer and participating in giveaways.


Here’s exactly what you’ll discover:


  • How to come up with the ultimate juicy free gift offer that your potential clients can't wait to receive
  • Which free offer format works best for you and which ones you should avoid. (Here’s a quick hint – Hate to write? Then don’t create an eBook! Love to talk? Maybe an audio works best for you!)
  • The best ways to save time, money and effort while building your list (and the best technical tools to use!)
  • How to take your gift and make it juicy and appealing to your target market
  • Easy graphic ideas to make your offer more enticing
  • How and where to promote your free gift and giveaway participation
  • How to figure out which giveaways will offer the most return for your unique business
  • What you need to do to get ready to participate in the Divinely Connected Biz Giveaway (coming January 2014!)
  • And much, much, more!

And here’s exactly what you’ll learn in this training:


Module 1 – Who wants what you’ve got?

  • Your Divine target market – step by step instructions on how to determine their biggest challenges and the solution you help them realize
  • Your Divine Handout: Examples of JVG gifts that work well for list building
  • Your Divine Checklist: Everything you’ll need to get started on creating your juicy free offer

Within two weeks of coaching with her around the strategy of networking,

I was able to successfully attract 3 new clients who invested $3000!

I can’t even begin to explain how awesome Anne’s coaching is and how much it has transformed my business!

I will start by saying that before working with her I was reaching what I thought was the end of my business. I was seriously contemplating closing my doors and going to get a job!

She has been like an angel sent to save me and my wonderful business. She is understanding, compassionate, and empowering.

Within two weeks of coaching with her around networking, I was able to successfully attract 3 new clients who invested $3000!

Wow! I never knew I could do it and I did!

Thanks Anne!!

Tikoshia Davis
Tikoshia Davis Creative Solutions Engineer, TikoshiaDavis.com

Module 2 – Audio, or Video or eBook, Oh My!

  • Your Divine Options - The three formats you can use for your free gift
  • Step by step instructions on how to determine which format is best for you
  • Your Divine Handout
  • Your Divine Checklist: What you need to make each option work for you

Sherry, I just wanted to thank you for all you do. Even though I am so unsure of myself on the computer and especially anything to do with my website, you have a way of explaining and showing the information that is wonderfully easy to understand.

The service you offer is fantastic and I absolutely love the beautiful website you created for me. I so appreciate your knowledge, suggestions, and patience with me and my many questions.

Peggy Ness
Peggy Ness VibrantVitalandWise.com

Module 3 – Name that Gift

  • Divinely Juicy - How to take your gift and make it juicy and appealing to your target market
  • Your Divine Handout: Features vs. benefits, and why you absolutely have to be clear about this before you join a giveaway
  • What you need to include in your opt-in page copy so that people will sign up for your gift
  • Your Divine Handout: An example of a bio to include with your offering
  • Your Divine Checklist: Everything you need to make your offer tempting

Just one month after I started to work with Anne privately,

I have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks!

WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!!

 Anne is incredible!

Before I started to work with Anne privately, I was deadly scared by the idea of phoning a potential client and offering my service. Now, one month later I ENJOY the deep connection I´m having with a potential client, when I´m holding a strategy session. It´s a very deep intimate experience and I feel so blessed doing this.


Having a “sales conversation” is no more a hairy scary thing and it has nothing to do with me, my worth or the worth of my work. It´s all about being of service to help people by showing them how their pain can be resolved. And also to help them get their blocks of accepting this help out of the way.

So: one month after I started to work with Anne privately, I reached my first goal and have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks. WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!!

Again, thank you so much!

Nicole Schonemann
Nicole Schonemann Meerengel.de

Class 4 – Audio or Video or eBook, Oh Yes!

  • How-to's of creating and formatting your gift
  • Easy and quick graphic ideas to make your gift more visually appealing
  • Your Divine Handout: Tips for Better Videos
  • Your Divine Handout: Tips for Easy Audio Files
  • Your Divine Handout: Tips for Juicy Ebook creation
  • Your Divine Reference Sheet: Divinely Essential Tools for Creating Your Gift

After one call with Anne, I closed the sale for $3,000!


As a psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister, I have been trained to not ask for the business, although I’ve had thriving businesses. I recently switched my focus in my business to that of business coach for service-based professionals and had a referral sales conversation. It was uncomfortable and awkward, because I was nervous.

After one call with Anne about how I was being in the sales conversation, I saw what I was doing. On my second call with this person, I let go of my anxiety and totally focused on her and her needs. Needless to say, I closed this sale for $3,000!

Sales are so wonderful when done right! And Anne is a sales genius!

Rev. Dawn Shedrick
Rev. Dawn Shedrick The Blissful Biz Coach, DawnShedrick.com

Class 5 – If You Build It, They Will Come: Your Gift Giving for Connection Building System

  • Creating the Gift Page and the Download/Thank You Page
  • Your Divine Handout: Template for Gift Page
  • Your Divine Handout: Template for Download/Thank You Page
  • Your Divine Handout: Gift Information/Record Sheet

I love working with Sherry Bowers! She has made technology a good friend. She not only listens but actually cares about your business vision and sees it as a creation. She is truly a gift and I support her 100%.

If you are looking for someone to help you with the technology piece of your business that also enables you to stay connected to what speaks to your soul and excites you about bringing it to the world, Sherry is exactly who you are looking for!

Cathy Hamilton
Cathy Hamilton HappyTappyGirl.com

Module 6 – Getting them to say yes

  • Creating your opt-in form and your autoresponder.
  • Connecting all the pieces of your Gift Giving System so it flows smoothly.
  • Your Divine Handout: Flowchart of the Gift Giving System and how to move a potential client through it
  • Your Divine Handout: Setting up your Autoresponder.
  • Your Divine Handout: Adding an Opt-In form to your page.

After being in the Divine Business Club for about six months, I had a Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading with Anne. It was then that I knew that I really wanted to work with Anne on much deeper level. So I signed up to work with her as a Divine Diamond client.

To begin with, I am amazed by my inner changes. I totally trust Anne and know that following her guidelines and doing the “stuff” she asks me to do will bring me the results I want.

Anne teaches so much not only by offering her knowledge, but by being who she is – I observe the way she leads the calls, does tapping, her gentle, non-judgmental, yet humorous way, how she sees the Divine in us and I know – yes, this is how I want to be with my clients too.

I feel much clearer about so many aspects of my business: I am more confident, expecting success – landing a long-term client doesn’t seem such an achievement anymore, but rather something that cannot fail to happen.   (It has already happened several times!) Anne helps me to access my inner wisdom, my intuition … and to trust myself.

Anne is very generous with resources, be it an unexpected gift or some extra time, or a so-needed email of encouragement and support; not to mention the Divine Business Club itself that is such a gift and extremely great value for money.

I’ve taken some other programmes with other coaches, much more expensive, and I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that monthly price!

Plus, I absolutely love Wealth CD affirmations and still listen to it almost every day – it is so uplifting and inspirational!

Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart!

I love working with you!

Inga Krastina
Inga Krastina FromStressToVitality.com

Module 7 – Be a Successful JVGer

  • How to make the most of your JVG experience
  • How and where to promote
  • Your Divine Handout: Follow-up sequence ideas and timing

Before coaching and working with Sherry, I was SO lost in cyberspace that I was living in the land of overwhelm full time. Programs I bought told me what to do but did not give step-by-step how-TO instructions to tech-challenged baby boomers.

So I'd buy another one that promised to "do it all for you" - ha...wrong! I remained beyond frustrated for several years trying to fit all the online puzzle pieces together… losing more self-esteem and confidence with each flopped program I struggled with.

Having someone listen to my sticking points - or what I thought they were - then walking me through to get to the side of right answers… sometimes I was so tangled up, I didn't even know what the right questions were!

When Sherry works with me, I can walk away understanding what we just did. She explains it in language I can "get." My all-time favorite thing is when she takes over my computer and makes it behave! I love it!

Since I committed to use the skills & talents of Sherry to unleash my passion for our travel business, I feel more relaxed and confident in our future. While still in the formative stages, I KNOW this time is different! Success is on the horizon! My husband even senses something has shifted and is getting excited about helping me create videos this time.

Pat Mora HotOnTravel.com

Divine Features

You'll get the 7 calls listed above, PLUS


Digital MP3 Recordings, Handouts and Checklist


Have to miss a call? No problem! Each call will be recorded so you can listen to the sessions, take notes on your handouts, use the checklists for your quick and easy reference as you build your Divine gift!


Access to the Divinely Connected BIZ JV Giveaway Facebook Community


Enjoy a community of spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, and practitioners, just like you.

You are not alone. You know how important it is to be with people who “get” you, who get your unique journey, who understand the questions, and know the challenges and joys of spiritual entrepreneurship.

  • Get support from us and other like-minded individuals as you work through the Divine process of creating your free offer and building your list.
  • Make lasting connections and friendships that will develop even further into joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Leverage these relationships by reaching more people that you can serve and growing your own community.

Be seen as the Divine being you are, held with the sacred vision that only
another spiritual entrepreneur holds.

Sound good so far?

Great!  You can have all of this for only

($50.00 Savings)

Need a more flexible option? No problem

You can make 3 easy payments


($30.00 Savings)

“I feel so much more confident in stepping out and playing bigger.”

As a copywriter for healers, I have spent so much money on courses, certifications and trainings to become a better writer. I’ve learned all about marketing and sales. I knew that I was good at what I did, and I just couldn’t figure out why I was struggling so much to grow my business.

Anne helped me discover and address the missing link to my business success – my mindset.  After just a few sessions of tapping on my fears and working with negative beliefs (you know the ones: “I can’t do this, this is too hard, I don’t know what to do…”), I attracted some new, ideal clients, and had several sales calls.

I feel so much more confident in stepping out and playing bigger so that I can make a difference in the world.

I’m experiencing so much clarity about my work (my niche), who I came here to serve (my target market) and I’m actually taking action steps to create the prosperous business I want!

I could not have experienced this transformation on my own. I’m so grateful for Anne!

Karen Williams
Karen Williams CopywritingByKaren.com

Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway is a no-brainer,
wouldn’t you agree?

But don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s a few words from other entrepreneurs who have worked with us and transformed their businesses:

In one week, I signed up four new clients and over $11,000 in business!

I had been doing lots of free calls and they had been getting great results with just one call but only one contacted me saying she wanted to work with me.

Then, on one of my coaching calls, Anne said (again) “Let the Universe in! You’ve got to follow-up with these people!”

I did; they said yes, so far it’s been an amazing 50% saying YES!

I have cash coming in. I have clients that want to work with me. It was such an awakening experience. And I so see the benefit of follow-up calls.

Thank you, Anne, for your help! It has been invaluable! I would never have been able to do this without your support.   I am so excited!

Julie Ramige
Julie Ramige RewiredforYourSuccess.com

If my prospective client has the financial resources, I always get a

“Yes, I want to work with you!”

Anne goes over and beyond with her phenomenal and inexpensive Divine Business Club. I loved her step-by-step systems for the variety of situations we all face when it comes to, for example, following up. Her easy steps and great ideas have worked well for me.

Her tapping classes in the Divine Business Club keeps me going and breaks down my roadblocks for moving forward in my business when I stall. She works with your specific issues/needs by including tapping calls once a month that can benefit you.

She has a beautiful, loving and fun spirit who has evolved her skills to help so many other precious souls to grow their businesses beyond the survival, hobby “just making it” level.

Also, her Create Your Divine Offer program allowed me to identify specific tangible outcomes that my niche relates too explicitly! If the client has the financial resources, I always get a “Yes, I want to work with you!”

Since working with Anne and introducing myself to tapping I am now asking more for my services, working less with each client, following through on my marketing plan and connecting with prospects from a heart base instead of fear base!

Plus I’m making more money! Thank you, Anne!

Amy Lundberg
Amy Lundberg AimForFitness.com


“How long is it going to take to create my free offer? I’m already extremely busy right now.”


That is completely up to you. One common mistake that many Spiritual Entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating a free offer is thinking it has to be too big! Remember, Sherry created her free gift in one night.

You don’t have to offer an elaborate gift that takes lots of time and loads of money to create. The goal here is to create something of value that will entice your potential clients to subscribe to your list. And we’ll show you how to do just that in this course.



“What if I don’t want to participate in this class, but I still want to be in the giveaway?”


No worries, we’d love to have you in the giveaway!

Taking this course is not required to participate in the Divinely Connected Biz Giveaway – it’s for people who need a little help getting ready for it.


Click the link below.


“What if I want to take this training, but I don’t want to be in the giveaway?”


Bummer. We’d really like to have you share your gift with the world in the Divinely Connected Biz Giveaway!

But if you choose not to participate, you can still use what you’ll learn in this training to create your juicy free offer. There are plenty of uses for your free offer besides giveaways, like:


  • A handout or audio for speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops
  • A giveaway at networking events
  • As a bonus to supplement your programs and services
  • Marketing material or a free gift for your book launch
  • Put it on your website
  • Cross-promotions and list-building ventures with other entrepreneurs

The possibilities are endless!



“How do I know this will really work?”


We know there are a lot of list building courses and information out there, but most of it contains a lot of fluff and theory…and not the actual step-by step instructions you need.

But this isn’t that type of course. Your “fluff meter” will not go off during this training! We are showing you the same strategies and tactics that we’ve used to grow our lists, over and over. No fluff here!



“What if I sign up and find out this isn’t for me? What kind of guarantees do you have?”


We’ve got zero doubt that if you join this class and do everything that is asked of you, you will walk away knowing how to create unlimited free offerings. And, you’ll have everything you need to participate in the Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway in January, plus any other giveaways online.

Our advice is this: Take the course. Show up for the first two weeks. Do the assignments. Participate fully.

If after 2 weeks you truly believe you can’t grow your list, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked. 



So, are you ready?

In this powerful program, Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway, you’ll:

  • get the 7-modules to support and guide you to build your list and get your free gift out into the world.
  • learn how to participate in JV giveaways.
  • get all of the modules, the tapping bonus call, the mp3s of the calls, AND
  • get the extra bonuses
  • Anne’s Build Your Divine List Affirmations, and
  • Sherry’s Magnetize Your Website Meditation.


Get started now. Reserve your spot in this training course.

Don’t wait.

Get the guidance and support you need so you can start adding your Divine peeps to your list TODAY.